eic, inc.

What we do

EIC, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in the field of custom-built software. Most of our software is written for the Microsoft Windows platform, but we also have experience with other platforms such as web development.

We have extensive experience in infrared cameras and thermal imaging systems as used for industrial safety and medical thermography. We develop and supply custom and standard infrared software to industries throughout the world. Our software is designed to work on PCs, embedded computers, or integrated into industrial systems with supporting hardware, all with many different infrared cameras.

How we serve you

Standing behind the product.
We support your software purchase with prompt and effective help when you need it.
Bringing integrity to business.
We've been developing software for our customers since 1989.
Technology that fits the application.
We have products that range from the very simple to others with advanced capability.
We offer standard and custom software. Some of our products can be purchased off the shelf. Our extensive software libraries allow rapid deployment of custom software to maximize your capital.
Infrared camera support.
Our software not only supports infrared cameras thatlead the industry, we also support them with an integrated product. Result - you purchase one package and deal with one supplier.
Controlling cost.
We deliver custom products on time and within your budget.
We are easy to reach, just call us, e-mail us, fax us.

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